Decorate With a Copper Shower Faucet

Copper shower faucets have recently come back into style as a modern take on a traditional finish. Copper was replaced largely by brushed nickel during the past few decades. If your bathroom has travertine tile or earth tones, though, copper can come to life and be nice decorative element. Changing out your shower faucet is not hard. Skip on the plumber and do it yourself.

Simple to Do

Since you are replacing a faucet and not installing a new one, it is likely a lot of the basics have been taken care of. Start by removing the existing faucet. You should be able to do this with a simple screwdriver. You can remove any caulking with a knife. You should see a shut off valve for the hot and cold water; shut these off using a flat head screwdriver.


Remove the old faucet and cartridge. To place the handle, slide it into the valve. Using a hexagonal key, place the handle screw adapter in the cartridge. The show head can be screwed in manually using a wrench. The spout can be installed by turning it on the pipe so the screw faces up. Tighten the screw with the hexagonal key then flip the spout.


Finally, turn the hot and cold water supply to check for leaks. You now have a decorative copper shower faucet.