Decorating a Bathroom Window

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Curtain rod and brackets
Sheer curtains
Curtain tiebacks
Sun catcher
Votive Candles
Frosted window film(optional)

Decorating a bathroom window is often a challenge, and homeowners want their bathrooms to be a place to unwind. Decorating the bathroom window is a small step that will make a huge impact. With a few basic items, a little creativity and lots of determination, you can decorate your bathroom window better than any interior designer ever could.

Step 1:  Measure

Using the tape measure, measure your window, and write down the measurements.

Step 2: Purchase Materials

Using the window measurements, choose a pair of sheer curtains that both matches your bathroom décor and fits your window. Do not neglect to purchase the curtain rod and brackets for hanging your window treatments. You might find curtain tiebacks that match your curtains, but if possible, purchase crystal or beaded curtain tiebacks. They reflect light imparting warm, natural glow to a room. When purchasing your sun catcher, any design that pleases you is acceptable, but consider purchasing a crystal sun catcher. Crystal sun catchers create a beautiful light display in a sunlit window. Your votive candles can be scented or unscented, with or without a holder. Purchase enough candles to span the length of your windowsill. You will need frosted window film for privacy. If your bathroom window is already frosted, omit the window film.

Step 3:  Installation

Use your measuring tape, measure your curtain rod and center it 4 inches above the window. Use a pencil to mark the wall where you will install the hardware. Use your drill to make pilot holes for the nails or screws (depending on which you purchased with your brackets). Attach the brackets to the wall. Determine the height at which you would like to install the curtain tiebacks and mark the wall 2 inches back from the window’s edge or trim. Use your drill to make pilot holes, and attach the tiebacks to the wall. If you purchased window film, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for applying it to your window.

Step 4:  Hang Sun Catcher

Following the manufacturer’s instructions, hang your sun catcher in the window. Position it so that it is unobstructed by the window frame. Allow it to hang low enough so that the curtains, when opened, will not block the sun catcher from view.

Step 5:  Arrange Candles

Place your votive candles across the windowsill. Space them apart so that they are attractive.

Step 6:  Hang Curtains

Place the curtains on the rod and place the rod in the brackets. For a stylish arrangement, pull both curtains to one side using either tieback. Experiment with both tiebacks to determine which arrangement looks best. Alternately, you can pull one curtain to one side and pull the other curtain to the other side. Either way, make sure that the sun catcher is in view.

Now you are finished. You have created an attractively decorated bathroom window that brings in light and gives sparkle to the room. The best thing about it is that you did it yourself.