Decorating a Garden Window

What You'll Need
Potting Mix
Garden Pots
Caf Valance Rod
Caf Valance

A garden window is a window that serves as a small green house for plants. It usually ‘sticks out’ a little bit toward the home’s exterior. A garden window gives you a place to set your plants and seedlings. Garden windows are extremely functional, but when it is time to decorate them you will need to have a little creativity. Typical window treatments, such as curtains, will not do a garden window any justice since they will only just block any light that the window needs to let in. A valance or some garden pots will give a garden window a clean and nice feel. The window does not need a whole lot of decorations as it will take away from its appeal. To decorate a garden window yourself, use the tools and the tips provided below.

Step 1 – Installing the Café Valance Rod

Position and install the café valance rod above the garden window. Just as you would with a standard window, make sure it is placed evenly. 

Step 2 – Hanging the Café Valance

Before hanging the café valance, it may need to be lightly ironed or pressed if it is wrinkled. If not, proceed to hanging it.

Step 3 – Selecting Gardening Pots

When selecting pots to put on the garden window shelves, pick the colors which match the color of the room. If your garden window room has no color scheme you can pick pots that have colors that match each other or that match the café valance. If the room is decorated in greens and gold, you may want earth tone colored pots that have green and gold decoration or glazes. Metallic garden pots give a colorful room neutrality and versatility to benefit from.

Step 4 – Arranging the Pots

If you have various sizes in garden pots, put the larger ones on the bottom shelf of the garden window and the small pots o the top shelf. This helps balance the arrangement of your plants as well as make them appear attractive.

Step 5 – Selecting and Potting Plants

For now, take the pots off of the garden window shelves. When choosing plants, try to choose plants that are green and make sure they match your decorations. It is time to pot the plants with the potting soil. Water the plants (if this applies). Plants that are put in a garden window or greenhouse window should be the ones that are partial sun or full sun plants. If you buy plants that need to live in the shade, they will not survive in a garden window.

Step 6 – Putting the Potted Plants Back on the Shelves

Now that the plants are potted, arrange them back on the gardening shelves as they were before. The bigger potted plants should be at the bottom, and the smaller ones at the top.