Decorating A Home Office Decorating A Home Office

Now that more people are working from home, the home office has become a necessary part of the overall decorating process. This space can be created anywhere in your home; all that’s needed are a few great decorating tips.

Space Layout:

Choosing your work space is very important. It could be an entire room, or a small space in your living room, bedroom or kitchen. The goal is to decorate the space to suit the person working.

  • Check out the space and make sure it’s comfortable and can fit all of your important office supplies and decorative items.
  • Choose a paint color or fabric/wallpaper print that compliments the rest of your home or space.
  • Your desk is the focal point in your office; make sure you get one large enough to handle your work load, but not too big to overwhelm your space.
  • Using a computer desk with side drawers and/or front/side closure is great for storage, and can hide all of your computer extras (wires/tower).
  • Position your desk so that you can get natural sunlight (if possible) during the daytime hours and use other lighting sources, including a desk light, for additional lighting. Having a great light source is very important to your work environment.
  • Placing shelves and seating along the walls of your office creates an open space and avoids a cluttered look.
  • Position your desk at an angle so that you can face the door (if possible). Space your other office furniture around the room providing a space for major office supplies like the: printer, copier and fax.

Office Color/ Decorating and Accessories:

  • Choose neutral colors for your walls and compliment them with colorful accessories and window treatments. Keeping your office space open and airy helps with productivity and comfort.
  • Instead of using basic office furniture, use a comfortable couch, love seat, futon or chaise longue (pattern or solid) to add extra seating and create an inviting work space that can easily do double duty for entertaining guests, clients and family.
  • For desk seating, get a sturdy office chair that gives you excellent support and comfort while you’re working; make sure you find one with style and function that fits into your office decor.
  • Use decorative open and closed storage shelves and file cabinets to place books, media, folders, files and other office supplies. Using an Armoire and decorative hat boxes for your office supplies adds an excellent touch to your space.
  • Accessorize your office with beautiful art, photos, globes, clocks, paintings, plants and rugs that compliment but don’t overwhelm your space.
  • Get stylish items to place your pens, pencils, CD’s and DVD’s, and use decorative but functional  bulletin boards and/or wall calendars to remind you of all your projects and appointments.

Even though your home office is primarily used for work, it can still be a multifunctional space. Create your home office to be work friendly, comfortable, clutter free and decorative.

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