Decorating A Living Room With An Accent Table Decorating A Living Room With An Accent Table

Adding an accent table to your living room is easy and fun. Broadly speaking you will be making a choice between something functional and something aesthetically pleasing. Here are some ways you can go.

Functional Accents

If you're going for a table that will be getting a lot of use, decorating with a strong and sturdy coffee table is a good option. You'll also want to check out the many styles of end tables for your lamps and perhaps a small collection of books. Another table that functions similarly to the end table is the sofa table. This long table across the back of your sofa can provide space for a couple decorative lamps, as well as an area for either a flower arrangement or perhaps some collectibles. 

Aesthetic Accents

Often you just want something pretty to look at that you won't be using in a heavy way. A scatter table or thin pedestal table is perfect in an unused corner or under a window for displaying your favorite collectibles. A vase with flowers is also very appropriate for a table that is designed to beautify your room.  

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