Decorating a Victorian Style Kitchen Decorating a Victorian Style Kitchen

What You'll Need
Interior Wall Paint
Distressed Wood Painting Kit
Kitchen Furniture
Counter Top Appliances
Lace Curtains
Decorative Accessories
Stencil Kit

The Victorian style kitchen has a wonderful old-world feel. Today we have many modern conveniences that were not available in Victorian times, but you needn't through away all your modern-day appliances to achieve the warm, romantic feeling of a Victorian kitchen.

Step 1 - Paint

When choosing a color for your Victorian kitchen, you want to go with a soft pastel shade; such as yellow, lilac, green or blue. You will want the trim to be a nice shade of cream; it will give the kitchen a happy feeling.

Step 2 - Flooring

The floors should be of tile or hardwood. Wood flooring requires a bit more maintenance than tile, but it lends a much warmer feel.

Step 3 - Cabinets

When it comes to the cabinets, there are three options; if you are buying new, go with mission style. If the cabinet is simple, it will fit well with the Victorian style. If you want to keep the cabinets you have, you can buy a kit for this at the hardware store. This process does take a lot of time, and is easier to do on a piece of furniture, than on the cabinets. Lastly, you can paint the cabinets you have a light color.

Step 4 - Furniture and Appliances

As far as appliances, Victorian kitchen tables were used for preparing food since there weren't counter tops. You don't have to forgo using your counters but you will want to have a hearty butcher block wood table, with wood chairs.

For appliances, you can keep the ones you currently have, as long as their color is neutral; you don't want them to draw attention. You can look online and at antique stores for a stove made of cast iron, and other authentic appliances, but they will be costly.

Step 5 - Windows

Over the windows you will want to use lace, muslin or netting; it will give your kitchen a romantic feel. You can buy lace curtains, or even make them yourself. Another thing you can do in addition to lovely lace curtains is to purchase a stencil kit and add stenciling around the window.

Step 6 - Finishing Up

Finally, you should add some fun finishing touches such as a decorative wooden spice rack. It is also fun to hang cast iron and/or copper pots and pans on the wall or from the ceiling; you could also hang some utensils.

For the kitchen table, flowers in a pot are colorful and lively. You can add a bowl made of wrought-iron with lemons to be placed on the kitchen counter. Also, you can place a table runner on the table, in a gentle floral pattern.

There are many things that you can add to your Victorian kitchen; the important thing is to start with the larger pieces and add from there; make the room fit your family's personality.

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