Decorating and Stacking Cubes to Make a Media Cabinet

Media cabinets are a solution for storing your entertainment equipment. In most houses, the entertainment area is the center of attention of the living room, so arranging and decorating your entertainment spot in the house should be a priority. You can get rid of the cluttered look of numerous cables, stacks of CDs and DVDs and equipment pieces by building your own media cabinet. Decorating with staking ready-made cubes that you can purchase economically is an elegant way to go.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • A measuring tape
  • Pen or pencil
  • Several storage cubes with or without doors (may be made of any materials such as plastic, wood or wicker)
  • Knobs
  • Furniture feet
  • Paint
  • A larger brush and a finer one
  • A drill
  • Decorative paper, photos/images and acrylic gel or other items for decorating (optional)

Step 1 – Plan Ahead

Before going to the store to purchase the items, measure the space you have and think about how you will match the media cabinet with the rest of the room and the furniture. This way you will know what color of paint you need and what type of knobs and furniture feet to look for.

Get your needed items from hardware and furniture stores. Stick to your plan and choose the colors and materials you need for your entertainment spot.

Step 2 – Arrange the Units

Decide which units will be at the bottom, make sure these are sturdy enough to hold the ones that will be placed on top. Use a pencil to put a number at the back of each unit so you know what goes where.

Step 3 – Paint the Cubes

Paint the cubes inside out. You may want to play a little with colors, making the interiors in a darker or lighter shade or even using contrasting colors, depending on how colorful the rest of the room is. Use the large brush for larger surfaces and the finer one for reaching corners and finishing the edges of the units. Allow to dry (1 to 3 hours or as indicated on the paints you buy).

Step 4 – Decorate the Cubes

Instead of painting your cubes, you can try using decorative paper on the visible surfaces. You will need to have exact measurements of the areas to be covered, cut the paper with a precise hand and apply the paper on the cubes, making sure there won’t be any air bubbles under the paper. If there are air bubbles, get a small needle and puncture the paper, allowing the air to come out. Other décor ideas may involve transferring images (i.e. from your own photo albums) using acrylic gel.

Step 5 – Put on the Knobs and Feet

Drill holes in the doors where you want to place the knobs. If you want to put on decorative feet, drill at the bottom corners of the bottom-most cube.

Step 6 – Drill Holes for the Cables

Take the cubes that will hold electronic equipment and drill a hole at the back for the cables to go through. Get some extension cords if the power outlets are not within reach.

Step 7 – Stack the Cubes

Stack the cubes on top of each other using the numbers you drew at the back of each of the cubes.