Decorating Chipboard Boxes

What You'll Need
Spray Paint
Decoupage Medium
Clippings, Photos, Illustrations
Decorative Items such as Beads, Glitters, Sequins,...etc
Quick-Dry Glue

Chipboard boxes are eco-friendly boxes made of recycled paper. It is an inexpensive way to pack various products and items, such as frozen dinners and other supermarket items. Chipboard boxes are easy to manufacture using cheap recycled paper. Chipboard varies in weights. There are chipboards that can carry light items, such as candies, and there are also chipboard boxes that can carry relatively heavy items, such as frozen dinners. Aside from packing, chipboard boxes are also ideal for gift boxes that you can customize with only your creativity as the limit. Designing your own chipboard box is easy. Below are the materials that you need along with the instructions on how to decorate chipboard boxes.

Step 1-Paint the Chipboard Box

Purchase a spray paint at your local hardware store. Choose an oil-based spray paint with the color that you want to use for your chipboard box. Wear a protective mask and position the spray paint can about 10 inches away from the chipboard box. Spray the chipboard box with paint in a uniform motion starting from the sides of the chipboard. Allow the paint to dry. Proceed with painting the bottom and upper portion of the chipboard box. You can also choose to paint the inside of your chipboard box if you want.

Step 2-Use Decoupage Medium

To add news clippings, photos, illustrations and other printed designs to your chipboard box, use a decoupage medium. You can purchase a decoupage medium at the arts and crafts section of your local shopping mall. Apply decoupage medium to the area of the chipboard box that you want to add the design. Place your photo or news clipping on the area where you applied the decoupage medium. Apply more decoupage medium over the design item.

Step 3-Designing the Chipboard Lid

Add other decorative items around the area of your chipboard box lid. Do not add decorative items over the decoupage items that you added on step two. You can use seashells, beads, sequins, glitter and other craft items as your decoration for your lid of your chipboard box. Secure the decorative items using clear-drying glue. You can also use artificial flower blooms and any decorative items as long as they do not appear too large or too cumbersome on your chipboard box lid.

Step 4- Designing the Sides of the Chipboard Box

You can decorate the sides of your chipboard box the same way that you decorated the lid. Make sure not to use too many varieties of decorative items to create a good chipboard box design. Do not apply quick-dry glue to the upper portion of your chipboard box so as not to block the lid from closing. Once you have added all the decorative items in your chipboard box, inspect for any loose items and secure them by adding more quick-dry glue.