Decorating Doorway Trim with Ceramic Tile Decorating Doorway Trim with Ceramic Tile

What You'll Need
Clean rags
Surface cleaner
Ceramic tile
Tile adhesive
Grout float
Plastic sheets
Painter's tape
Metal putty knife

There are many ways to use ceramic tile in the bathroom or kitchen areas of the home, and you can even use them in crafts. Instead of using them to cover bathroom walls and floors or as a kitchen backsplash, use these tiles to cover doorway trim. In most homes, the trim around a door is plain and lacks character, but ceramic tile can give it. Follow the simple steps below to make a decorative door trip with ceramic tile.

Step 1 – Preparation

Whenever you work with ceramic tile, it can become a messy project. When adding tile to trim, you need to protect the wall and the door. Open the door and hold the plastic sheet up to it. Wrap it around and then tape it in place. You can trim the plastic if you have to.

Place plastic around the outside of the trim using painter's tape. Also place plastic on the floor in front of where you are working. The trim of the door can become dirty over time, and a clean surface is best for adhering ceramic tile. Spray the trim with surface cleaner, and wipe down with a clean rag.

Step 2 – Choosing Tile

You need to use ceramic tile that fits the width of the trim. These can either be 1 tile or 2 smaller ones. They can be any color or design you would like. Some smaller tiles will come connected by wire mesh. These are normally larger sheets so you will have to trim them with the scissors to the size you need. The metal mesh helps the tile to adhere to the adhesive. Always dry fit the tile to get an accurate count of how many you'll need.

Step 3 – Place the Tile

When you hang tile normally, you space them apart, but this is a personal choice when using them to cover trim. If you choose to do so, use a spacer. On each tile, apply adhesive using the putty knife. Make sure the back is covered in a thin layer. Press the tile in place on the trim, and keep pressure on it for several seconds. Continue adding the ceramic tile until the trim is covered. When you are finished placing the tiles on the wall, you can remove the spacers.

Step 4 – Grout

Grout is used to fill the spaces so that water and moisture won’t reach the wall or floor underneath. It also helps to keep the tiles in place and creates a clean look. It is a style choice. If you choose to use it, then follow the mixing instructions on the container. Use a float to spread the grout out over ceramic tile and to fill the spaces. Use a damp sponge to wipe down the tile to remove the grout from the surface, but leaving it in the spaces. To finish up, remove all of the plastic.

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