Decorating Drop Ceiling Tiles

decorating drop ceiling tile

Decorating your drop ceiling tiles will enhance your ceiling and show off your space from top to bottom. Drop ceilings are an excellent way to hide many defects your regular ceiling may have. Even though they are several styles of drop ceilings available, some are much more decorative than others. The basic drop ceiling is plain and sometimes very unattractive. There are many ways to improve the look of your plain ceiling tiles without breaking the bank. When decorating your ceiling tile, it’s easier to take them down individually to decorate; always make sure your design is completed and dry before putting them back up.


Use paint as a primary decorative element for your ceiling tiles. Choose latex or gloss paint in a color that compliments your space. To add spice to your ceiling, use metallic paints to create the faux tin look. Stencils can also be used over a solid paint finish or directly on the plain ceiling tile for added style. If you prefer wood, try using a wood stain to paint your tiles (in the dark/light wood tones) then drag a dry brush or a wood grain rocker through the wet stain to achieve a faux wood finish.


    Create a decorative, ornate ceiling by pasting wallpaper on each tile. Placing printed, textured or paintable textured wallpaper on your ceiling tile can achieve a stunning designer look. Wallpaper borders can also be used horizontally and vertically to create a patchwork design on your ceiling.


      Fabric will add depth to your ceiling. Staple or glue fabric onto each tile or run fabric through the tile frames for a soft, flowing look. Upholstering each tile with padding and fabric adds dimension and style to your space. Cut the padding (batting) to the size of the tile then cut the fabric one or two inches larger than the tile and staple it onto the back of the tile.

      For added interest, create a tufted look on your ceiling by stapling down small areas on the front of your tile to create a triangle or square design, or just staple one area down in the middle. Use upholstery buttons (cover the buttons with the same fabric) and sew or hot glue them into the tufted spots to cover the staple. Regular buttons can also be used.


        Gluing wood, tin or plastic medallions or moldings to a drop ceiling will bring it to life. Place medallions onto the center of the ceiling tile and paint it in one color or in monochromatic colors for added depth and style. Paint or stain lightweight wood or plastic moldings and glue them onto the tile. Frame each tile like a picture. If you want a designer look, add additional frames to the tile and build a descending frame design. Painting the tile a slightly different hue from the molding will add an extra touch of style.

          If you’re not happy with the appearance of your ceiling tiles look, they can be easily changed without having to remove the hardware that’s attached to the ceiling. Simply remove the tiles, get the exact measurements and replace them with the tiles of your choice.