Decorating for a Fall Wedding Decorating for a Fall Wedding

Decorating for fall may include decorating for a fall wedding. While most people think of spring for weddings, actually, fall is a favorite for brides-to-be also. The brilliant colors make for a beautiful ceremony and reception, whether used indoors or outdoors.

Decorating the Wedding Venue

With nature's bounty of pumpkins, gourds, bittersweet, fall leaves, twigs and berries at your disposal, you may find decorating the area for the wedding more like fun than like work. A great idea for aisle markers or just to sit around is pumpkins used as containers for fall flowers and naturals. Cut and remove the top as if you were making a jack-o'-lantern. Scoop out the insides and discard them. Rinse out the pumpkin with clean water. Make an arrangement by gathering pinecones, twigs, colorful leaves and mums in fall colors. If using fresh flowers, be sure to put them in water and then set them inside the pumpkin. You can also purchase mum plants at any farmers' market in gorgeous fall colors and use the pumpkins as containers for those. These can also be taken to the reception and added to the decor.

For an altar presentation, bare limbs gathered for free in the woods and standing in large flower pots can be strung with small lights. Set pots of mums, pumpkins, Indian corn and gourds around the base of these for a beautiful arrangement. For symbolism, you could also add dried wheat shafts with these decorations, as wheat is a sign of fertility and good life.

If you like ribbon bows, do something interesting such as using dark eggplant-purple or chocolate-brown ribbons with the fall colors. Another good choice would be cranberry-red or avocado-green.

Both of these ideas can be used at either an indoor or outdoor wedding.

Decorating the Reception Area

The colors and style of your ceremony should be reflected at your reception but perhaps with a few added enhancements. For the head table, use the pumpkins that were used as aisle markers. You can link them together down a long table with long twigs and pieces of wheat, and you can scatter colorful gourds, artichokes, grapes and eggplants among them. Scatter silk fall leaves around on the head table and all of the dining tables. Add candles or oil lamps with shades to create a romantic mood and enhance the happy couple's faces. Consider candles in some of the colors of fall and perhaps different colors all on one table.

Decorate each dining table with a single large candle, perhaps in a dark ivory and around which you have put silk or real candle wreaths to match the above idea for the head table. It would be best to put a hurricane globe over each candle for fire safety, especially when using natural foliage.

For the food serving table, think of a cornucopia spilling across the table with all sorts of fall vegetables and flowers to match the rest of the reception. Small nosegays of mums in various colors sitting on the serving tables would also be beautiful accents.

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