Decorating for Christmas: How to Dress Up Dining Room Chairs

When decorating for Christmas, make sure that you do not forget to dress up your dining room chairs to make an impact and complete the festive atmosphere. Although simple to do, when you dress up your dining room chairs for the holidays, you will add an elegant holiday look to your dining room.

Tools and Materials

  • Red or gold glittery fabric
  • Large red and gold wire or velvet bows and ribbon
  • Craft glue

Step 1: Drape Fabric Over Chairs

Drape red or gold glittery fabric over your chairs, making sure that you have enough fabric to completely cover the entire chair. It is not necessary to tack down or pin the excess fabric, because the flowing fabric will create an elegant look. You can purchase your fabric at any craft or fabric store. Make sure you take measurements of your chairs so you will know how much fabric to purchase.

Step 2: Tie Bows Around Chairs

Attach a bow to the center of a large enough piece of ribbon with craft glue. Next, tie your bow and ribbon around the dining room chair, making sure that they are centered at the back of the chair. Make sure that the bows are big and full enough to accommodate your chairs, because if they are too small and skimpy, your chairs will not have a dramatic enough appearance for the occasion.