Decorating for Christmas: How to Plant a Living Wreath

Decorating for Christmas can even be more wonderful if you learn how to plant a living wreath. Living wreaths add beauty during the holiday season. Hung on your door, a wall, fence, a gate, or wherever you chose, your guests will be sure to notice this beautiful creation. So many families have traditions decorating for Christmas. A living wreath is not only a great tradition to start, but a great way to introduce something new. Wreaths come in a multitude of styles. Choose a traditional circular one, a loving heart-shaped wreath, or a festive wreath in the shape of one of your favorite holiday characters. No matter what style you chose, you will be creating a living holiday treasure. Living wreaths not only display the plants you love, they also display the time and care that you and your loved ones put into it.

Tools and Materials

  • 3 lbs. Sphagnum sheet moss
  • Bucket to soak the moss
  • 1 12-inch concave wreath form
  • 1 16-qt. bag of potting soil
  • 1 paddle of fine gauge floral wire
  • Floral pins
  • Tweezers
  • Spray bottle
  • Rubber gloves or non-porous gloves
  • The plants you chose

Step 1 – Choosing Your Plants

You probably already know what plants you are going to use in your living wreath. If you are not sure, there are such a variety of plants to choose from. Search for ideas as you are decorating for Christmas for those that inspire you. The only thing to consider when choosing your plants is that they should have the same needs. Growing time, amount of watering, and sun exposure all need to be considered. Herbs can also be used.

Step 2 – Getting Started

Pull off long strips of the moss, place them in the bucket, and allow the moss to soak for a few minutes. Lay the wreath form flat side down. Take the soaked moss and pack it into the wreath form. Cover with potting soil, spray with water, and cover that with moss. Use your floral wire to secure it.

Step 3 – Placing Your Plants

Start with the larger plants. After positioning all of your plants, wrap them in the moss and secure with floral wire. Use your tweezers to poke holes in the moss for smaller plants. Do not pack the plants in the wreath too tightly. This could cause the plants to choke each other. You will also have to prune your wreath within a very short time so that all of the plants have the chance to grow.

Step 4 – Caring for the Wreath

Hang your wreath in decorating for Christmas in a place that meets all of the needs of your plants. Some may require more watering than others. Use your spray bottle for this and refer to each plant’s instructions. If you are hanging your wreath outside, remember to check your plant’s temperature requirements. Regular pruning and watering will keep your living wreath looking beautiful. You now have a new tradition to add to your family’s decorating for Christmas time.