Decorating Ideas for a Window Well

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Having a window well is a very nice venture in your home. It is because window well is truly functional and at the same time you can decorate it in whatever design you want. Nowadays, window well is considered a quality investment, which will provide you more even value to your house. You can simply implement your own creative ideas in decorating your window well.

Window Well Landscaping

You can select your dream landscape block for the window well. Keep in mind that it is an investment within your real estate property, so it is okay to spend a little money on it. Landscaping in your window wells enhances more value, rather than the typical galvanized metal window wells.

Excavate the opening intended for the window well. Ensure that it is large enough for required space along with the landscape block. Hollow out 10 inches underneath the window. Level off the ground so you can place the blocks straight and even. Place first the landscape block pack row dirt inside to hold the entire blocks firm. Lay a silt wrap on external part of block fold to interior and pack underneath row with fill. Crease silt wrap in external direction.

Landscape Process

Begin with full block then put down the block surrounding the circle cutting the final block once more. Fold inward the silt wrap then pack the blocks with fill. Crease wrap on exterior direction and place more blocks beginning on a half block each other row.

Go over these steps again until you obtain the desired height. Ensure that landscape is sloped from the window well’s top portion. Neat the silt wrap then use rock border or top soil on the top for decoration. Put landscape rocks, plants that you prefer, and other gardening accessories at your window well.

Window Well Diorama

You can literally create a diorama in your very basement if you are blessed enough to have a large window wells that makes a very nice home accent.

Typically, the large egress window well is an eyesore. Looking at the much-galvanized metal or even to much-concreted window gives you a dull surroundings and cheerless ambience. Now, we can make it interesting and lively inside, besides making an attractive landscape outside of the window well.

You can create a diorama from the deep well through lining the rounded window well using an ornamental scenic liner. It is essential in making the backdrop and by modifying the foreground with any kind of materials you prefer. Among the best choices include landscape materials like mulch, rocks, figurines, boulders, sculptures, driftwood, potted or artificial plants, and even stunning water features.

Hang Around

Once you have a window well covering at the top (exterior portion), you could even hang potted plants down from the grate by means of transparent fishing line. You can also hang other items like flying birds, pterodactyls and butterflies. The decision of what to hang lies on your preference. It can also be a very nice bonding activity for the family because they can help in deciding what to hang and even aid in attaching it.

Hence, decorating your window well not just camouflages or covers up the ugly concrete or metal window wells, it also provides a wonderful scenic place where you can hang around.