Decorating Outdoor Patio Chairs for Holidays Decorating Outdoor Patio Chairs for Holidays

Outdoor patio chairs are great when you want to be outside and enjoying the outdoors. They can easily be decorated to celebrate different holidays by adding and replacing certain decorations. It is simple to transform your outdoor patio chairs into chairs that celebrate the given holiday.

Cushions and Fabric

The easiest way to transform any outdoor patio chair is by covering it with some type of fabric or cover. This goes the same for outdoor patio chairs. If you want to have the chairs resemble a theme, use the appropriate cushion decor. For example if you are planning a memorial day themed party outdoors and want to have the cushions to match the theme, simply purchase ones that are red and white striped or have an American flag theme. If you want to have a Halloween theme, go to the fabric store and purchase Halloween-themed fabric. For example if you wanted to make a cushion have a witch theme, you need to decorate it with witch fabric and even place a witch hat on the back of the chair.

Streamers and Garland

Decorate your outdoor patio chairs with red, white and blue streamers for the 4th of July and santa garland for Christmas. Wrap the streamers around the chair loosely so a person is still able to sit down. You may want to only wrap it around a certain area, such as the back, to ensure people don't tear it when they sit. The same goes for the garland. You can even just stream the garland along the tops of the chairs or tape a bunch of streamers on the back of the chair so that it gives a festive look without interfering with the actual seating.

Bows and Balloons

Bows can be a fun way to easily decorate your outdoor patio chairs. Simply get a large red bow and place it on the back of the chair for the winter holidays. There are other festive bows you can purchase. Or even make one yourself by buying a large holiday-themed ribbon and tying it in the shape of a bow. Place the bow on the back of the chair, the top or anywhere you feel fit. Buy a few balloons that go with the holiday theme such as christmas trees or elves for Christmas or black cats and pumpkins for Halloween. Tie the balloons to the legs, arms or back of the chair.

There are many ways that you can decorate your outdoor patio chairs for the holidays. Cushions are the easiest way to instantly transform a patio chair into a scary witch theme, but you can also use fabric as a cheaper way to decorate. Decorate the cushion of the chair or the entire chair with the desired fabric for the holiday. Other materials can be used such as streamers, garland, balloons and bows to make the chairs look festive. These are inexpensive ways to decorate for the holidays and can easily be removed when needed. Decorating for the holidays can be fun, so enjoy the process and enjoy by trying different things.


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