Decorating Patio Tables and Chairs

What You'll Need
Table Cloth
Colorful Cushions
Other accessories

Nothing like gorgeous patio furniture, including patio tables, chairs and other accessories to enjoy summer days. Patio tables and chairs can be decorated appropriately to create a feeling of calm and beauty and the process does not have to be expensive either. Most items at home can contribute to the decoration, and other items can be purchased cheaply at local home decoration stores. Below are the steps detailing how to decorate patio tables and chairs.

Step 1: Arrange the Necessary Items

You have to have a vision in mind: how do you want your patio chairs and tables to turn out like. Whether your patio table is round, square or triangle, used for dining, picnic, coffee or just casual sitting around, it can be decorated into a number of styles. The same goes for patio chairs. It all depends on your personal preference. You can decorate using a calm Asian theme, nautical themes, a tropical theme, or even use floral prints or soft pastels to decorate the patio furniture.

Step 2: Decorating Patio Tables

The easiest and most effective way to transform a barren patio table into a piece of beauty is by laying on it an appropriate tablecloth. The right one will match the general décor of the patio and enhance the beauty of the furniture. Not only will a tablecloth protect a patio table from the elements, drinks and food, but it can be removed and replaced easily and whenever required.

You can choose from a variety of tablecloth designs. Whether you like plain prints, floral or accents, your local home decoration store will have something for your taste. You can even make a tablecloth yourself, either piecing together old bits of cloth you have sitting around at home, or purchasing a cloth with the dimensions to fit your patio table and sewing its hems.

Step 3: Decorating Patio Chairs

You can also add more comfort to the patio by selecting appropriate and comfortable seating to the table. Seats should be such that they provide quick and easy access to the table, without spilling over things while reaching out for them. Although seats are typically standard, you can add some creativity to the general style, making them different from the table. The idea should be to create an area that is wholly unique yet beautiful.

Similar to decorating tables with an appropriate tablecloth, chairs can also be enhanced with cushions that either match the tablecloth or complement it. You can either sew cushion covers yourself and give it your decorative touch, or purchase a few from a home decoration store.

You can select chairs from a wide variety of options, including ceder, resin, teak and iron, depending on your budget and other considerations. The right accessories will help to complete the look of the patio. You could even consider chair covers, available in home decoration stores, which could be used to cover the chairs when not in use.

If you want to be really creative, you could consider creating putting colorful beach chairs on your patio to give it that element of color. Some people also enjoy enhancing chairs with a casual throw, but that is not recommended since patios are susceptible to the elements of weather.