Decorating Tips: Using Glass Tile Mosaics as Coasters Decorating Tips: Using Glass Tile Mosaics as Coasters

A great way to add color and spruce up the décor of a room is to place colorful glass tile mosaic coasters on a table. Coasters can be purchased at a retail store, or made. Crafty people often enjoy creating their own glass tile mosaics. It is also a great project for children. Choose coordinating colors or contrasting colors to fit in nicely with the existing style of the room.

Buying Coasters

If looking to use store-bought glass tile mosaics coasters, shop around at several stores, both online and real life stores. Think about the colors, sizes, and the number of coasters you need. Make note of the stores that have coasters you like best. When you are satisfied you’ve visited all the stores in your area, and any online shops you’d like to look at, make your choice. Purchase your favorite set of coasters and set them out for all to see!

Craft Stores

Crafty or artistic people may welcome the chance to make their own glass tile mosaic coasters. This is a great craft for adults, kids, or for adults and kids to do together. Look in craft stores for kits that come with all the ingredients needed to make set of coasters. Although it’s great to have everything all in one box, creativity may be limited. If you are looking for freer reign to design the coasters yourself, purchase all the supplies separately.  


It is a good idea to research the project prior to buying supplies. There are many free instructions online, along with templates and ideas, for making your own coasters. Make a list of everything you need and take that with you when purchasing the supplies. Also have an idea of how you’d like the finished product to look, so it will be easier to choose the actual mosaic tiles. There are a huge variety of mosaic tile colors, shapes, sizes, and finishes available.  


A set of coasters are usually left out on a side table, coffee table, or sofa table, and play a role in the décor of the room in addition to the functionality of protecting the furniture. The bottom of the coasters should be made of cork, felt, or a similar type of material so that they will not scratch or stain the surface they will be used on. It is also a good idea to use a sealant on the top of the coasters to protect it from the cups and glasses that are placed on them.

A unique way to display glass tile mosaic coasters would be to place them in the center of a table, side by side, to create a diamond shape. Or, place them in a straight line from the top to the bottom of the table. This will only work well if the top and bottom coaster reaches the top and bottom edge of the table. Hanging plate holders can also be used to hang coasters on the wall, for a different decorative option and an interesting way to showcase beautiful glass tile mosaic coasters.

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