Decorating with Architectural Corbels Decorating with Architectural Corbels

What You'll Need

Architectural corbels can either be decorative or structural depending on why you want to put one in your home. Corbels add a touch of class to any home when used for decorating. Here is how you can use architectural corbels to

Step 1 - Decorate Your Kitchen

Corbels can be use in the kitchen to appear to be supporting brackets under the kitchen counter. Make sure to get a color that matches your counter so it can blend in.

Step 2 - Decorate Your Living Room

Larger corbels can be mounted on the walls to be used as hanging shelves. Make sure you that if you use the corbels as a supporting piece, that is can actually hold up whatever you put on top of your hanging shelf.

Step 3 - Decorate Your Bedroom

Much larger corbels can be used as night stands place on both sides of the bed. Here you can place a small lamp or perhaps the telephone.

Step 4 - Decorate Your Hallway

Corbels are usually placed on archway corners to soften sharp edges of a hallways frame. Get or paint a corbel that is the same color as the doorway arch so it can blend in and won’t stand out.

Step 5 - Decorate Your Library

Smaller corbels can be used as book support in your library. Be creative and get a variety of colors use them to hold your books up on shelves.

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