Decorating with Ceiling Medallions Decorating with Ceiling Medallions

Decorating with ceiling medallions creates a unique look throughout your home. Tin ceiling tiles can be used to embellish your home furnishings, walls, bathroom, bedroom and accessories.

When using decorative ceiling medallions -- paint, faux finish, stain and/or antique them to bring out their beauty and uniqueness. Choose several paint/stain colors (indoor or outdoor--flat or gloss) to enhance the texture. If you want to protect the medallion tile from wear and tear, seal it with a latex or oil based polyurethane (latex dries faster and is easy to clean up).

Ceiling Medallion Uses

  • For a stylish living room use painted, faux or stained finished medallions on your coffee and/or side tables. Size, glue, nail or staple it onto your table.
  • Use faux or stained medallions to outline your fireplace exterior.
  • Use medallions as a candle tray, or glue it inside a wood tray for a charming look.
  • Use ceiling medallions around your dinner table as plate chargers or place mats.
  • Create a fantastic textured wall in any room (even your bathroom) by gluing, nailing or stapling faux or stained ceiling medallions onto your walls to bring drama and beauty to your space. Medallions can also be used on outdoors walls and furniture (use outdoor paint and sealer).
  • To create a beautiful entrance into any space, decorate your doors with painted, stained or antiqued medallions. Don’t forget to seal exterior door tiles.
  • Placing painted ceiling medallions onto your staircase risers will enhance the look dramatically.


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