Decorating with Curtain Valances Decorating with Curtain Valances

Curtain valances, which are fabric headings also called top treatments, add depth and beauty to any plain curtain. They are usually made of fabric that matches the curtain or drapery. Design can be flat or fluffy, simple or elaborate. It can be mounted from a rod pocket or made to hang from a board. Now, aside from being decorative, it also serves the practical purpose of concealing curtain rods across the top of a window. Below, you will find the many different styles of curtain valances that you may want to use for your home. Take note that valances can be either traditional or contemporary depending on the style and fabric that you intend to use.

Flip Valances

The flip style is probably the easiest one to use for your curtains as this can slide easily into a drapery rod. There are two sides in a flip valance. One side hangs in front while the other hangs at the back. If you intend to use this type, see to it that you leave the front side shorter to ensure that the back part will also be visible. You may also have the edges of both sides sewn differently to give it a unique touch.

Scarf Valances

Scarf valances have a way of making any room look for sophisticated and stylish. These valances can be used to on their own to frame a window or can be used with curtains or blinds for a layered style. To hold the scarf valance in place, you will need to use corbels and scarf hooks. The best fabric to use for this type is light or sheer fabrics. Sheer fabrics can be used unlined while light fabric needs to be lined with a fabric with a contrasting color. Scarf valances can be hung as is or in twisted style, depending on your personal taste and preference.  

Balloon Valance

If you’re looking for something that is more elaborate and fluffy, go for the balloon valance. As the name implies, this type of valance can be give an inflated look to the window. It is perfect for small windows, which you would want to look bigger. Flowery fabrics and large printed patterns work best for this type of curtain valance. Often, plastic rings are used for this to separate the back edges of the curtains evenly. This is important to help the curtain bundle together to form puffy scallops.

Tassel Valance

This type of valance seems like an ordinary type of valance. But what makes it different is the pointed shape towards the center that is highlighted with a tassel décor. For large windows, you can use several tassel valances, each of which has its own tassel. To make the window look full, use a valance that is twice the width of the window.

Pixy Valance

Commonly used in informal areas of the house like the bedroom, recreational room, or the living area, the pixy valance is a rod pocket V-shaped valance. It is just like the flat valance but it has at least three sections. 

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