Decorating with Home Office Furniture Decorating with Home Office Furniture

If you are looking into decorating home workspace with new home office furniture you will need to consider the appropriate furniture, lighting and other fixtures that will make your office efficient and attractive. Generally you will want your work place to fit the style of your home, while ensuring that it functions like an office. You can make it look stylish and modern or you can keep it simple. Here are 5 steps to go about decorating your home office furniture.

Clean it up!

If you have a spare room you are using for your home office, give it a fresh, new paint job to clean up the room. If you are working with just a corner of a room or half a room, you may want to dust that section, vacuum and get rid of any unwanted and unneeded items that are taking up space. Once you have cleaned up the spot where you are going to be putting your office, you will be able to feel a little less overwhelmed because you have a clean canvas to work with.

Buy and Use the Appropriate Furniture

Think about what an actual office has in it—a desk, chair, shelves, cabinets and electronic devices such as computer, telephone and a fax machine. A desk is the center piece around which the other elements revolve and you will want to choose a configuration that suits your work style be it L-shaped, u-shaped or a straight counter top. Different items around the house can be used for your storage such as bookcases and chests in which to store your papers. Organization is key to a conducive work environment; deal with clutter by organizing it. All the desk supplies and papers you use on a regular basis should be within arm's reach.

Light it Up

A proper work space requires proper lighting. If you can place your desk near a window, you'll have the benefit of natural light. Even so, you will still need task lighting for rainy days or evenings. Desk lamps are designed for this purpose. A floor lamp can be placed in the corner of your room to give off just the right amount of light to get your work done.

Design by Room

The great thing about your home office is that it does not have to look like a cubicle in a skyscraper. You can be creative, personalizing your home office in a way you couldn't possibly do at a company. If, for instance, you are setting up your office in your living room and you have an African style theme, you can work that into your home office as well. Use a cheetah print chest as part of your storage space in your office if you so desire. The best part is that this office is yours and yours alone. You do not have anyone telling you what it should look like.

Make it Your Own

Once you have purchased all your home  office furniture, it is now time to decorate the room. Paint, rugs, accessories, wall hangings will all add personality without inhibiting functionality. Create a comfortable space that you look forward to entering when you get up in the morning.

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