Decorating with Mirror Tiles

Mirror tiles are a wonderfully flexible interior design tool to brighten up any room, create the illusion of space or highlight  accents. They are affordable, versatile and easy to install. They are sold in a variety of shapes, sizes and features with "peel and stick" installation ease. Here are some quick and easy design applications:

Create the Illusion of Space

  • An entire wall of mirrored tiles will create make the whole room look much larger.
  • Applied to both sides of a wall surrounding a mantle will "push" the fireplace back again giving the room a larger appearance.
  • Mirrored tiles placed against a will with shelving installed along the joining wall will create the appearance of infinite shelving space.
  • Place tile mirrors is a small entry not only for the room enlargement features but for quick look before you exit.
  • Tiles behind the tub will make a small bathroom appear spacious.

Create Design Accents

  • Install mirror tiles to the back of your book case. Either add them to just one shelf, sections of shelving or behind the entire book case for an highlighting design splash.
  • Place a mirror tile under a table or mantle centerpiece to create a glistening display.
  • Use them as unique place mats for your china and crystal table settings.
  • Fragment your images by placing mirrored tiles in design arrangements rather than touching each other in a standard, uniform geometric shape.
  • Use them as a kitchen back splash along with some under the counter track lighting to bring shimmer to those dark under the counter spaces.
  • If you are creative, invest in a DIY glass etching product and create accent mirror designs to add a unique touch to your tile installations. A glass paint design or stencil application is another fine option.

Create Illumination

  • Expand candle light by placing a mirror behind or underneath the candle.
  • Mirror the wall, as suggested above, and then place plants in front of the mirror with canned lighting above the plants. The illumination plus the reflection will give the area a tropical paradise look.
  • Install mirror tiles on the ceiling in a dark room, will give the appearance of a larger room as well is increase illumination through the lights reflection.
  • Add tiles to a bedroom closet to reflect that limited lighting in that tightly enclosed space. Other dark spaces to consider are a hall closet or pantry.
  • Place mirror tiles directly across from a window to pull in and reflect more natural light during the day.

Create Functionality

  • Break up a great room by introducing a accordion fold room divider with added mirror tiles. Use it as a backdrop behind furniture or use it as a full length mirror that can be easily moved to any room in the house.
  • Cover up damaged wall areas.
  • Combine tiles with wall arrangements to increase the balance of art to furniture.
  • Frame out your family photo's by adding decorated mirror tiles around the already hung pictures.
  • Add more bathroom mirror space to that small medicine chest mirror by installing mirror tiles around or beyond the medicine cabinet.

The use of mirrored tiles in your home is really only limited by your imagination!