Decorating with Pinch Pleated Draperies Decorating with Pinch Pleated Draperies

What You'll Need
Drapery rods
Rod rings, clips, or pins

Sometimes, a room simply calls for pinch pleated draperies rather than curtains. Draperies have a lining, whereas curtains do not. This lining can give a room added insulation whenever the drapes are closed, and it can also help protect rugs and furniture from sun damage. The materials used to make pinch-pleated draperies are generally much heavier and more fancy than that of curtains. There is a wide variety of different pleats, including Euro pleats that stretch widely between pleats, cartridge pleats with a rolling effect, and dramatic inverted pleats. Read on to learn how to measure for pinch pleated draperies.

Step 1 – Plan Height

First, choose how high you want to place your drapery rod. Traditionally, drapery rods look best about 4 to 6 inches over the windows casing, as this allows enough clearance when opening your drapes. You can also create an illusion of height—especially in you have low ceilings—by putting the rod closer to the ceiling. After you’ve settled on a satisfying height, put the rod up.

Step 2 – Measure for Length

For this step, you have 3 choices: Drapes can fall to the window bottom, dip beneath the window or flow all the way down to the floor. If your rod has rings, start measuring at the bottom of the rings and up to the desired length. However, if your rod uses either clips or pins, measure from the rod’s bottom: drapes attached with clips or pins usually line up at the edge of the rod.

Step 3 – Measure for Width

If you intend to open and close your drapes, measure the rod—excluding the finials—to make sure there is enough material to close your drapes. However, if you plan to always keep your drapes open, measure the window’s inside instead, and then add about 6 inches to give your drapes extra fullness for whenever you pull them open.

Step 4 – Record your Measurements

When recording, write the width  first and the length second. For instance, if you wrote down 50 inches wide and 94 inches long, this measurement would read, 50x94 inches. Bring these measurements with you because this is how drape measurements are listed on their store packaging.

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