Decorating with Rustic Cedar Furniture Decorating with Rustic Cedar Furniture

You can decorate with rustic cedar furniture in different ways. You can outfit your living room, bedroom and kitchen all using specifically designed pieces. This will help you create a rustic cabin or lodge design for your home and accomplish the look that you are looking for in your new home. 

Decorating with this type furniture is not difficult to do nor does it require a lot of discussion to accomplish. If you are looking to decorate with rustic furniture determine what you want to accomplish with your rustic decorating style and in what rooms you want to include the furniture for decorating.

Ideas for Decorating with Rustic Cedar Furniture

To begin decorating look for ideas in decorating magazines and books that feature rustic designs featuring cedar. You may consider replacing your living room furniture with a complete furniture set that has a couch, love seat, chair and maybe even a rustic cedar rocking chair. You can arrange the furniture grouping in any way you want. You may also decide to change the walls and flooring in the living room to accommodate the rustic cedar furniture that you purchased to complete a rustic lodge or rustic cabin look.

Rustic Cedar Dining Room Furniture

You can replace your dining room table or kitchen table with a rustic table set with chairs. This can extend your decorating motif from the living room into the dining area and provide additional looks for your decorating. Add a stuffed moose or deer head to the wall or antlers to compliment your new rustic cabin feel and show off the new rustic cedar furniture in your home and in your new dining room. If you are a person with an aversion to hanging animals on the wall, purchase paintings and statutes of outdoor scenes such as an old barn or a rooster weather vane. These ideas can help highlight the smell and look of the furniture for your kitchen. 

Rustic Cedar Bedroom Furniture

The bedroom is another area that can benefit from the addition of your new rustic cedar furniture. The bedroom can be transformed into a cabin or hunting lodge by replacing old beds and headboards with a new bed frame. The same goes for the dressers and other cabinetry in the bedroom that can me made over with your rustic cedar furniture. Apply wall treatments and have the floors in your new rustic cedar bedroom redone to reflect your new style choice and give your home that rustic cedar feel throughout. This will join the style change from the living area into the dining room to the bedroom or bedrooms of your home.

Additional Decorating Ideas

Visit a rustic cabin or lodge to find additional ideas for decorating with this type of furniture. You can also ask the maker of the furniture for tips and ideas on how to best decorate your home with your new rustic cedar furniture. 

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