Decorating with Rustic Log Furniture Decorating with Rustic Log Furniture

Decorate your rustic log furniture by using pieces of wood and trees that surround the area around your home. Take an expedition into the woods or mountains near your home and find pieces of overgrowth wood, sticks and other material that can be used to turn tables, chairs, lamps and coffee tables into rustic furniture. Use your creativity, along with a hammer, nails, glue gun and water to give your home that rustic log furniture style.

Focus on 1 Room in the House

It is probably best to focus your rustic log furniture project to one room in your home. This can be your den or a basement room that is used for more informal or relaxing settings, such as family game night or to watch sports. You can start your furniture decorating project by adding wood panels to the walls to give the room an overall rustic feel and look. Once you have accomplished this, it should be easier to find inspiration to decorate your rustic log furniture.

Use Wood Framed Furniture to Decorate

Wood framed couches and other wooden furniture is idea to decorate as rustic log furniture. It is easier to adhere twigs, sticks and other pieces of wood to that a fabric couch. You may be able to use craigslist or your local newspaper’s classified section to search for old wooden couches for share. The older the furniture piece, the more rustic you can make it.

Find Ideas and Examples

Look at magazines and books for ideas of various rustic log furniture designs. The pictures in these resources will show you ways in which a long tree branch can be twisted into loops, shellacked and turned into a magazine rack or as a decorative loop around a coffee table. Pieces of firewood can be cut to size to create the legs of an end table or other type of furniture piece used to hold drinks, for example.

Create a Design Template

Draw a template or design pattern for your rustic log furniture. This will give you a plan to work for when you begin the process of actually building the furniture pieces. The design template that you create should incorporate all of the design elements that you found for your rustic log furniture and can work as a basis for creating the rustic log furniture design that you are looking for.

Decorate the Furniture

With the right tools to accomplish this task, proceed with decorating your rustic log furniture. Add the twisted branches, sticks and pieces of wood to the furniture using nails and glue. You may also want to use a drill and wood screws to make sure that legs added to a coffee table remain in place or other decorative items that you add become a permanent part of your new rustic log furniture piece. Be sure to treat the additions to your furniture with a clear varnish to strengthen them and keep them from breaking off of the furniture.

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