Decorating with Sheer Drapery Decorating with Sheer Drapery

Sheer drapery decorating offers a very romantic and airy feel to a home. There are several ways to decorate with sheer drapery that will fit any room, no matter what style decorations you currently have.

Hang Drapes along Top of Window

If you have a large window or a slider door and you do not want to cover it up with heavy drapes because you want the sunlight to come in, then sheer drapes may be perfect for you. Take 1 or 2 long sheer drapes of your color choice and drape them along the top of the window or door. Allow the sides to gently hang from the window so the sheer looks carefree but classy. You can also tuck in the sides to create more of a sophisticated look to your window dressing.

Using a Swag Valance

Sheer swag valances are a great way to dress up any window while keeping it looking tidy. This is the simplest way to dress up any window. Stuff the valance with white tissue paper to give the valance more volume. Normally you only need to use one valance, but you can always add another one to create a more bunched look or add one of a different color.

Sheer Hanging Drapes

When you use sheer drapes you can let them hang or tie them back with a ribbon or cording. If you prefer to leave the curtains alone, allow them to gently fall on their own. You can either keep them closed to offer a little privacy or open them to let more light in. Sheer drapes will let filtered light come in throughout the day whether they are opened or closed. You can place a sheer scarf on the top of the window and drape it slightly to give a different look to your window dressing. Use a color that matches your sheer drapes or one that is a different color to bring out the colors in the room your drapes are in.

Sheer drapes can be hung in several different ways and you can achieve several different looks. Hang the drapes on the top of your window and slightly drape them or use a valance to create a simple but very bright look to your windows. Or you can keep the sheer drapes long and flowing for a more romantic feel.

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