Decorating with Sheer Roman Shades

Decorating window spaces with decadent, semi-transparent fabrics like those used in modern sheer roman shades is a design trend that originated in Asia. Today’s variations to an old classic fuse delicate fabrics with ultraviolet filters, creating an ambiance that is light, airy and carefree. Constructed of lightweight fabrics like voile, sheer roman shades fulfill a growing desire for open, spacious rooms. Popular for their ability to harness sunlight, sheer roman shades add depth to small spaces. Often chosen to dress dining room windows and French doors, it is important to remember that these shades are used more for their design than function and will not provide the privacy necessary for bedrooms.   

Sheer Power

Unlike traditional window treatments that serve as focal points on their own, sheer roman shades capture the sunlight and allow it to play a role in the interior design scheme. The thickness of the sheers control how much influence light and shadows invoke upon a room. Once you have installed your sheer roman shades, explore this relationship by playing with the arrangement of your furniture. Utilizing sheer roman shades to filter the light is a simple, yet elegant method of decorating a space.    

Sheer Whimsy

The gentle flow of sheer roman shades partnered with the soft glow of the sunlight can create a warm and inviting atmosphere. This look can be transformed into a more whimsical, almost magical feel by utilizing sheer fabrics infused with highly reflective, almost metallic fibers that cast shimmers on shiny surfaces. Tightly woven sheers cast mysterious shadows while see-through sheers inspire fantasy by allowing you to focus on what is behind them.   

Living Color

Sheers provide an excellent playground for lights and colors. The thickness of the fabric determines how much influence color is given. The color of the glow cast when the sun hits the sheer roman shade can be just as an important factor to consider as the color of the shade itself. As a typical design rule, colors and patterns of the sheers should be consistent with the room’s existing décor and theme. Although sheer roman shades will naturally open a space, this effect can be enhanced by choosing lighter pastels. Smaller rooms gain the most benefit from choosing these colors. Darker shades create greater drama for large spaces and taller windows.

Layer It

A simple, understated sheer roman shade allows flexibility to experiment with additional window treatments. Layering sheer roman shades under drapery panels and decorative valances creates additional depth to the window spaces and gives the accent pieces an opportunity to take center stage. A bit of caution when mixing sheer roman shades and valances: remember that sheer roman shades will create soft, looping folds when drawn, therefore you should choose a valance that can incorporate this design characteristic.

Whether you are looking to brighten a room or tone down the amount of sun that filters through, sheer roman shades are excellent for creating space and romanticism.