Decorating with Translucent Glass in Your Bathroom

woman in shower with translucent glass

A dull looking bathroom can be accented using translucent glass as a decorating material. There are different types of translucent glass materials perfect for the bathroom, and using them for aesthetic purposes will depend on one’s preference. Here are the common types of translucent glasses and how they can be used for bathroom decoration.

Using Frosted Glass

Frosted glass is created through the process of sandblasting or acid etching. The resulting glass is translucent in nature, therefore allowing a lot of natural light while obscuring the view from the outside. Using frosted glass as window material is not only decorative; it is also functional. The glass can also be used as a sliding bathroom door, a fixed bathroom door panel, or a shower screen.

Because the glass cannot corrode or rot, it provides a clean mold-free surface while adding a modern look to the bathroom. A bathroom mirror can also be bordered with frosted glass to add a decorative accent. Bathroom shelves, cabinet doors and tabletops can be made out of frosted glass as well.

translucent glass

Using Tinted Glass

Tinted glass is another form of translucent glass that can be used to add aesthetic value to a bathroom. While frosted glass is fully cloudy and translucent, tinted glass is partially translucent. This form of translucent glass comes in many colors, therefore providing the user with numerous decorative options.

Because it is semi-transparent, it is not good to use this type of glass on bathroom doors or windows. However, if the window is situated near the ceiling of the bathroom, tinted glass can be used as long as the window location does not permit anyone to see through the inside of the bathroom.

Tinted glass can be used instead as a shower screen or a bathtub screen door. In addition, it can be used for bathroom shelves and cabinets. To ensure that the tinted glass suits the décor inside the bathroom, make sure to choose the best color that blends naturally with the other bathroom colors.

Using Stained Glass

Stained glass is perfect for windows that are located in areas affected by direct sunlight. The passage of light through the glass creates a fantastic display of colors and patterns. Unlike tinted and frosted glass, stained glass can be created to form absolutely artistic designs.

The glass can be bought with elaborate patterns in them or can be created using either brush-on or spray stained glass paints. If you have the artistic skills to design the glass patterns yourself, that it itself can be a great DIY project. However, people who do not have the talent to paint the glass can buy them readily designed with patterns.

Glass paints can also be used to simulate the effects of frosted glass. Since frosted glass can be very expensive, a cheap alternative is to buy a faux frosted glass spray. Simply spray the paint on the entire surface of any glass inside the bathroom and allow the paint to dry. The resulting effect mimics that of frosted glass.