Decorating with Vinyl Records in Frames Decorating with Vinyl Records in Frames

What You'll Need
Self Adhesive Numbers
Clockworks Kit

There are plenty of ways to recycle your collection of old vinyl records. They are great for decorating walls while remembering your favorite artists. They can be the focus point of your room or used as wall art. They look amazing in frames and can bring a retro vibe to an already classic space. Many old vinyl records are now priceless including the most famous musical artist and comedians ever recorded. Memorializing each talent by making them an important part of your décor will provide a new use as well as refreshing a room almost instantly. 

Step One: Wall Of Fame

Place all of your vinyl records into a frame and line them up on your very own wall of fame. They can include all of the records from one group or from an eclectic mix. Line each record up side-by-side starting at the top of the wall and working your way down. To measure where you need to place your nails simply put the frame up to the wall. Lightly mark the wall using a pencil and hammer the nail in place. Repeat this step until your wall of fame is complete. Your wall of fame will draw immediate attention and bring flair to a dull living space.

Step Two: Wall Art

If you want to show everyone your interest in art, then putting vinyl records and there covers in a frame will help you achieve just that. Some frames allow you to easily remove your record cover as much as you want, which means you can add a new look and feel to a room instantly. Using play and display frames will allow your wall art to come alive. It’s clear color finish will complement the cover of the vinyl records while keeping them free of dust and scratches. If your records will be used as pieces of art they must be strategically placed in areas of the room that people are naturally drawn to. Location is important. Over a fireplace, above the couch or even above a lamp stand can all make a statement.

Step Three: Framed Wall Clock

Your favorite vinyl records can be used as a useful timepiece. Don’t want to throw away your collection of Elvis or Jackson Five records then turn them into a framed wall clock. They can be proudly displayed in any room of the house and tell real time as well. First remove the record from the sleeve cover. Place the clockwork kit through the circle in the middle of the record fasten into place. Next Place the self-adhesive numbers in the correct order around the face of the record. The final step is to put it in a frame and hang it in your desired location. Your clock will offer a great addition to the room. It’s best to use a black finish frame to not take away from the color of the record.

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