Decorating Your Bedroom in Minimalist Style Decorating Your Bedroom in Minimalist Style

What You'll Need
Area Rug
Simple Bed Frame
Drawer Chest
Venetian Blinds

Many people are going towards a more minimalist style when it comes to decorating the rooms in their house. The days of big, elaborate decorations and clutter are giving way to the "less is more" philosophy. Keeping everything clean is a full-time job, so people want to have less decorations in order to give them more time to enjoy other things and keep the individual rooms clutter free. One of the places where this is becoming more and more prominent is in the bedroom. 

Step 1: Know Your Objective 

The first step to creating a minimalist style bedroom is to know what it is that you are trying to do. The minimalist style is for keeping a sense of calmness in your room without all of the clutter lying around. You are trying to achieve a peaceful sanctuary where rest and relaxation replaces the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

Step 2: Start With Bed

Your new minimalist style bedroom is going to need a focal point. The bed that you choose is going to serve as that focal point. To keep it very minimalist you can opt for a simple bedframe. However, a post and beam bed will give the room style with a minimal approach. 

Step 3: Place Simple Drawer Chest in Room

A very simple chest of drawers is the next piece of furniture that you want to bring in. This chest of drawers does not need to be overly ornate with engravings and carvings. You can have a simple chest with metal pulls that will look nice with the minimalist style. 

Step 4: Use Lamps 

Beside the bed, on each side, you should place a lamp on the bedside tables. Again, the lamps do not need to be overly decorated or have an elaborate shade. A simple lamp, with a thin paper shade will work great for a traditional look. More contemporary minimalists can use solid colored squares and rectangular lamp shapes. 

Step 5: Keep Window Treatments Very Basic

Windows in your minimalist style bedroom are adorned with venetian blinds. You can also use a single drape that is connected to a wrought iron rod. Outside of the window there are simple wooden shutters that can be used to keep out the sun during the day. 

Step 6: Create Sit Down Area with Rug

Having a place in your bedroom for a place to unwind and be yourself is one aspect of the minimalist style that should not be overlooked. Set this place off with a simple area rug on one side of your bedroom. On this rug you should place a simple straight-backed chair for unwinding or just reading a book. 

Step 7: Declutter Often

Tabletops and tops of dressers are a notorious dumping ground for stuff. Make an effort to continually check these areas and clean them off right away. Keep the basic table top decorations minimal with a clock, lamp, and a basket for catching small items like wallet and keys.

Step 8: Keep Walls Clean

Many people like to load the walls with pictures. The minimalist-style bedroom should only have a few pictures on the wall for personalization without excess clutter. 

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