Decorating Your Front Porch

Decorating your front porch makes a house more welcoming and can create a stylish first impression of your home. Adding furniture, a container garden, statues or fountains can dramatically enhance the appearance of your home, while giving you a serene surrounding to enjoy.

Choose Your Furniture

Make sure that the furniture you've chosen is as comfortable as fashionable. Typical materials for outdoor furniture include wicker and iron. Wood furniture can be used but will be damaged over time from exposure to the elements. Upgrade the visual impact of your furniture choice by adding colorful cushions and pillows.

Protection from the Elements

Depending on the climate where you live, you can add roll-up shades, blinds, or even a screen to your porch. These barriers allow you to enjoy being outdoors without being subject to blistering heat, numbing cold or rain.

Add Finishing Touches

Now you can add the few finishing touches to complete your decor. Hang a couple of plants from the corners of your porch. Arrange several different sized and colored containers to grow herbs or flowers. Choosing fragrant plants for the front porch makes your home that much more inviting.  A flag is also a nice touch and should be positioned away from any possible foot traffic.