Decorating Your Game Room With Photos- Unique Ideas Decorating Your Game Room With Photos- Unique Ideas

A game room is generally designed specifically for one person or a small group of people, say an adult male or a teenage brother/sister combination. The decorative elements should always be catered to the interests of that person or people. By keeping in mind the interests of the gamers, the style of the game room, and the following tips, you will successfully decorate your game room with photographs using unique methods and ideas.

Game Room Types and Personalities

The possibilities of a game room are endless and each person or household will customize theirs to fit their personal interests and activities. While two teenage brothers will probably create a room focused on video games and sports, an elderly couple will create a room catered to board games and reading. The person the room is being made for, as well as what will be used in the room, is the most decisive factor in how the room should be decorated. While a married forty-something may want personal photographs framed and hung in his game room, a ten-year-old may want pictures of Super Mario and Pokémon. Personal preference is key.

Children’s Game Room

When it comes to decorating your child’s game room with photos, decide first what activities will go on in the room. If the child loves video games, unique photographs of game systems, hardware, and actual game characters will keep a consistent theme throughout the room. Children would also appreciate the large, life-size cutouts that attach to the wall. You could put extra time into the process and actually take photographs of the children enjoying the games themselves and hang them creatively in the room, or paste their photos into classic sports moments. Allowing the child to be heavily involved in the creation of the room is essential in creating something they will love and feel responsible for designing. Go online and help them choose their own specific photographs and posters to hang. You can even give them the camera and tell them to take neat pictures for their very own game room.

Adult's Game Room

Generally the adult game rooms will be geared more towards billiards, darts, cards, and will often be decorated with sports memorabilia and photography. If you are a sports fan, clean black and white photographs of great sports moments are a classic fit with the right frames. Maybe you have your own sports or family photographs to blow up and frame. You can also utilize unique photo frames like the cubes displaying six different pictures. Keeping similar photos near each other will look nice, or you can keep differing pictures next to each other in matching frames. If your room is geared more towards board games, framed posters of classic board games would give off a matching look for the room’s activities. Monopoly game pieces, for example, would be a very interesting and fun series of pictures. Remember, it’s all up to you.


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