Decorating Your Garden Room with Hand Painted Vases Decorating Your Garden Room with Hand Painted Vases

What You'll Need
Several hand painted vases of different shapes and styles
Gardening wire
White gravel or pebbles

If you have the same look on your garden for several years now, it is time that you improve its look by using hand painted vases to add human element in your garden. What is great about adding hand painted vases to your garden is that the vases fill the empty corners, thus adding a continuous look to all elements in your outdoor space. Here are some of the tips on how to decorate your garden with hand painted vases.

Step 1 - Make a Layout of Your Garden

Having a layout of your garden is very important since it allows you to know where the placement of your hand painted vases should be. Using a pencil, plot where the vases should go. When plotting, it is necessary that you pair tall hand painted vases with tall plants and short vases with shorter plants to create symmetry. Once you have determined the placement of the vases, clean the area where you will be setting them up. Remove all the debris that is found in the area so you can easily set up your hand painted vase.

Step 2 - Dig the Area Where You Will Set up Your Hand Painted Vases

Once you have set up the hand painted vases all over your outdoor space, the next thing that you should do is dig shallow holes where the base of the  hand painted vases will go. This hole is important, as it gives support to the vase and thus preventing the vase from slipping or tumbling, especially if the terrain of the plot is not leveled.

Step 3 - Wrap  Garden Wire at the Base for Stability

Cut several yards of garden wire using pliers. Once the hand painted vase has been firmly planted on the ground, wrap a garden wire at the base of the hand painted vase for added stability. Now, even if your children play in the garden and somehow get near the vase, it will not be knocked over easily. Using nails, secure the garden wire to the earth to make sure that no matter what happens, the vase will not easily knock over.

Step 4 - Put Gravel or Stone around the Vase

After you have placed a garden wire around your vase, the next thing that you need to do is to conceal the wire. You need to put white gravel or stone around the base of your hand painted vase. You don't have to create circular patterns around the hand painted vases. Instead, style the placement of the gravel to create a dynamic look in your garden. If you are satisfied with the placement of the gravel or pebbles, clean the area to see the effect that the hand painted vases have on your garden.




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