Decorating Your Gazebo Cover for a Wedding

What You'll Need
Staple Gun
Utility Knife
Small Funnel
Party-Style Helium Tank
Balloons Ribbons

Decorating your gazebo cover can be done in conventional styles, or it may be a design unique to you. If you are decorating for an event such as a wedding, there are many decorative themes available from hobby and craft shops as well as major hardware stores. In this example, a pop-up gazebo is transformed into the stage area for an outdoor wedding ceremony.

Step 1 - Ribbons Around the Rim

Trim the edges of the gazebo cover with streamers. Tape two colors of streamer together, and create an alternating effect by putting twists in the streamers between each staple. Be sure to allow the streamers room to droop a little without interfering with the available headroom. One suggestion is to start at the top edge of the cover, and allow the streamer to dip to just below the edge of the overhang and then curve all the way back to the top again. Repeat this pattern around the entire gazebo.

Step 2 - Balloons Make the Difference.

Insert the end of the funnel into a balloon and fill the deflated balloon with confetti. Set it aside and fill a few more balloons the same way. Fill these balloons with from the helium tank, and tie the ends closed in a slipknot. When the vows are complete, pulling out this slipknot will set the balloons to spewing confetti over the area. Hang the confetti balloons under the cover, directly above where the bride and groom will be standing. Fill other balloons with helium and hang them around the canopy, and on the support posts.

Step 3 - Adding Accents

Wrap ribbons around the support posts of the gazebo in a spiral design that resembles a barber's pole. Criss-cross the interior of the gazebo with streamers hung beneath the canopy, and then hang cutouts of brides and groom along the suspended ribbons.

Step 4 - Other Considerations

Be sure to have enough streamer material and balloons to decorate the table and chairs as well. Pick up small bride and groom figurines and place them strategically around the around the area. If the wedding will be held in the evening or at night, be sure to provide suitable lighting. Hang temporary lights under the cover so that they will not cause a glare for people trying to take pictures. Cover all electrical cords with a plastic or vinyl runner to reduce trip hazards and be careful that any electric devices are kept well way from open or standing water.

Step 5 - Using Plans

Many crafts stores will offer gazebo kits or decorating plans that contain many different ideas for simple decorations. Kits include most of the necessary supplies along with installation instructions, while plans list the items you will need, and explains how to use them effectively. You don't have to use ideas strictly for a gazebo, either, as many wedding design layouts can be modified to work well with your gazebo cover, even though they were crated for interior usage.