Decorating Your Kids Room on a Budget Decorating Your Kids Room on a Budget

What You'll Need
Pen and paper to be used for planning
Paint brush or roller
Wall art
Sticker sheets
A kids room is always the most fun to decorate. You don't have to limit yourself to neutral colors or be confined with the standard rules in interior decoration. Instead, you have the freedom to explore beyond boundaries and let your imagination run wild so you and your kid can come up with a look for the room that will not only excite him but also stimulate his creativity. But even though it's fun, it can be a challenge as well, especially because decorating kids room is not that cheap. To help you save money, you would want to heed this practical how-to guide on saving money for your kid's room decoration project

Step 1 - Plan the Project

Before you start decorating, you need to plan first to ensure that you get everything right and at the same time save money in the process. Think of a theme that's affordable. Affordable themes for a boy's room include space, car, sports, dinosaur, cowboy, and superhero. For girls, fairy tale, flowers, and princess themes can be considered.

Step 2 - Start with the Wall and Ceiling Paint

Using a paint brush or roller, start coating your kid's wall with colors that are apt for the theme that you and he have chosen. For example, if your little boy picked space theme, colors would revolve around silver, blue, green, and yellow. 

Step 3 - Create Wall Decals

Wall decals are quite expensive but not if you can make your own. If you have a printer, you can use it to print on sticker sheets some graphic designs that are related to the theme chosen by your little one. For example, for the little girl who's into flowery themes, you can print out luscious blooms and lush foliage onto sticker sheets which you can use to stick onto the wall. You can get free royalty graphics by searching the web. 

Step 4 - Adorn the Walls

Aside from the wall decals, you can also hang different kinds of wall decor for your kids room. You may hang theme-related decors such as posters of race cars for a car themed room. Posters are very cheap. You can even make your own if you have a large enough printer that can accommodate poster size paper. You can also create an artwork with your child, frame it, and hang it on the wall. 

Step 5 - Buy Kid's Bedroom Furniture

For your kid's furniture, the best way to save would be to buy online. The online market offers prices on almost everything much lower than the traditional market. You can also try scouting for furniture in garage sales and thrift shops. Another option would be to use old furniture and just refurbish them to make them look brand new. Just see to it that the furniture fits the personality of the room. A classic Victorian bed would be out of place inside a space-themed room.

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