Decorating Your Kitchen Island with Colorful Accent Tiles

What You'll Need
Tile adhesive
Tile cutter
Putty knife
Grout trowel
Graph paper
Utility knife
Masking tape or duct tape

You can use accent tiles can be used in many ways and in many places around your home. Try decorating your kitchen island with colorful accent tiles to make a design statement for your home.

Step 1: Create a Design

Like any other decorating project, you will first need to make a design plan or drawing of what you want to do to enhance the kitchen island with tile. Perhaps you want to add a colored tile or tile with a pattern randomly all over the counter top that is already tiled. You may want to add a colorful tiled border all the way around the edge of the island. Maybe you can add a design, such as a favorite quilt pattern, in the center of the island. Think it through, and perhaps work it out on graph paper so you won't make any mistakes in layout, and make sure you are happy with your design before you begin. Graph paper will also enable you to see how many of each colored tile to purchase if you are doing a multi-colored pattern.

You may not only be working on the top of a kitchen island, but may also want to tile the sides or install a tile insert to give a decorative effect. This can also be worked out on graph paper.

Step 2: Installing Tiles

If you are installing random tiles or making a design in the center of your kitchen island, remove the tile that is already installed. Determine which tiles are to be removed, and tape the tiles surrounding them to protect them from breakage. Use the utility knife to score the grout around all these tiles to help loosen them.

Hit the tiles to be removed with a hammer to break them, and then remove the pieces. Scrape all the old adhesive and grout away with the putty knife. Put the tiles in place to be sure they fit before you apply adhesive. Once this is determined and adjustments have been made, apply adhesive to the back of each tile and put in place. When dry, grout the tile per manufacturer's instructions.

Step 3: Tiling the Edge

If you wish to put a colored tile edging around your kitchen island, you will follow the same procedure as above to remove existing tiles. Then apply the new tiles in the same manner as above. Since it is the edge of an island, you may want to finish the edge with wood edging to give a designer look.

Step 4: Tiling the Sides

If you are tiling part of the sides of the island or installing a decorative tile feature, the method used will be similar as above instructed. If you want the design centered on a wood side, find the center and lay out your tiles starting in the center outward. If you have laid your tiles out on the floor or a table top, it will be easier to do this and keep your design correct.