Decorating Your Living Room with Modern Floor Lamps Decorating Your Living Room with Modern Floor Lamps

 If you are trying to use floor lamps in lighting designs to decorate an interior space in your home, you can choose from many different options from vendors who sell modern, stylish floor-standing lighting options. A variety of interesting lamp designs can improve the overall look of your living room or other home interior area.

Table Style and Functional Lamps – Some of today’s modern floor lamps sit on a different kind of base than the traditional thin-pole design. A floor lamp may be built into a metal, wood or plastic table setup for more storage space and functionality attached to the lighting fixture. For instance, a lamp/book nook combines functions for an overall comfortable living space. Other designs include a “pyramid” type frame that leaves room for candles or other decorative items.

Square Shades – Square shaded floor lamps are now popular with some homeowners and other interior decorators. The square shade gives a floor lamp a different presentation, and adds to an eclectic, vogue or modern room fashion. The semi-opaque shades can be outfitted with beautiful, colorful designs to really jazz up a room.

Themed Lamps – When they go for floor lamps for a nursery or other themed space, today’s buyers might look for creative variations on lamp shades and bases that fit into a comprehensive design motif. “Environmental” type theme lamps like those for a visual “forest,” “safari,” or “barnyard” room design are popular choices. These kid-friendly themes are boosting the appeal of some new products from creative lighting vendors.

LED Lamps – Some manufacturers have chosen to outfit floor lamps with one of the most popular new forms of lighting technology to replace traditional incandescent bulbs. LED lights are low-power electrical lights that produce brilliant lighting without a lot of the heat loss and resulting fire risk of classic floor lamps. With an LED lamp, you won’t have to worry about the lit installation tipping over and causing a conflagration while you’re away (though owners should still watch out for any wiring fire hazards.) LED lights are getting to be an attractive form for new floor lamps that fit 21st century design.

Globe Lamps – Some other kinds of modern floor lamps have a shielded globe design around light bulbs to provide more safety and also to give the lighting fixture more visual appeal.

Umbrella Lamps – One of the latest fashions in floor lamps is a wide metal “umbrella top” that passes the light below through a specific trajectory. These lamps are also becoming popular in many lender rooms and other home spaces.

Think about the above for getting a new look to your room or space with a modern floor standing lamp.

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