Decorating Your Nursery: 6 Baby Wall Decal Design Ideas Decorating Your Nursery: 6 Baby Wall Decal Design Ideas

Using baby wall decal is one of the best ways to decorate your baby’s nursery. These vibrant and colorful decals can instantly add life to your little one’s room. You can also give the space a personalized touch. Aside from that, these decals are also easy and convenient to use. You can stick them not only on walls but also on glass, doors, ceilings, floors, furniture, and many more. Below, you will find some great ideas on baby wall decal designs that you would want to consider when you start decorating your kid’s nursery.

1. Baby Sporty

If you’re going to have a baby boy, you might want to adorn the walls of his nursery with sporty items. Anything from baseball to basketball to soccer can make the room more fun and lively. You may also stick ice hockey, football, or tennis wall decals on the furniture of the room.

2. Building Blocks

Let your baby’s imagination fly with baby wall decals that come in building blocks patterns. This type of wall decal stickers are great to help your child slowly learn about shapes, colors, and patterns. These will also stimulate your baby’s mind and hone your little one’s creative imagination. Apart from the walls, you can also decorate these decals on your baby’s cabinet or dresser.

3. Choo Choo Train

A choo choo train wall decal sticker is another great idea to use for your baby’s nursery. Babies are always fond with things that are moving. Even though the stickers are only stationary, your little one will still love it for its bright colors and wonderful shapes. Just make sure that you choose colors that are lively and stimulating to entice your child. You may also choose pastels so that the room will be soothing.

4. Princess Castle

If your little kid is a she, she would probably love and enjoy a princess castle design. This will give the nursery a fantasy look. Aside from the princess castle, you may add in different sticker designs that relate to fairy tales. Vines, shrubs, fairies, flowers, and leaves are the other elements you can stick onto the walls of your baby’s nursery that will complement the overall theme. The great thing about this is that even as your child grows up she will still adore the design of her room.

5. Floral Patterns

It is also a wonderful idea to incorporate floral patterns onto the walls of your kid’s nursery. Flowers, vines, leaves, twigs, trees, and shrubs can be used to adorn walls and furniture of your little one’s room. Aside from this, you can also make use of butterfly stick-ons to add more color and vibrancy to your baby’s personal space.

6. Teddy Bears

Kids, even babies, love stuffed animals especially teddy bears. You can decorate the walls of your baby’s room with different designs of these lovable creatures. Make sure to stick colorful shades to make the room appear chic and dazzling.

Whatever design you choose for your baby’s room, it would be practical to go for one that your little one would appreciate even if he/she already grows up. 


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