Decorating Your Tank with Artificial Aquarium Plants

What You'll Need
Several types of artificial aquarium plants
Small shovel
Working gloves

If you are an aquarium hobbyist, you have probably spent a great deal of your time decorating your aquarium with artificial aquarium plants to give it a more under-the-sea look. However, the problem with decorating your aquarium with plants is that live aquatic plants are seldom sold in pet shops, making it difficult for you to be able to achieve the wild and natural look in your aquarium. For this reason, you can use artificial aquarium plants instead of live plants, as there are multitudes of artificial aquarium plants sold. When it comes to decorating your tank with artificial plants, here are some of the things that you need to do.

Step 1 - Shop for Artificial Aquarium Plants

Before you decorate your tank with aquarium plants, make sure that you buy several artificial aquarium plants that vary in shapes, sizes, type and color. This is very important in creating a dynamic look in your tank. Moreover, it is also very important that you choose different types of artificial plants aside from plastic plants. Choose edible aquarium plants made from dehydrated seaweeds so your fish can nip on it, especially when you are out for a couple of days. Moreover, choose ornamental bases that can enhance the look of your tank.

Step 2 - Make a Layout in Your Tank

Once you have all of your materials, the next thing that you should do is create a layout in your tank. The layout should include where you will be putting your plants according to their color and size.

Step 3- Use a Small Shovel to Set up the Artificial Plants

Once you have decided on the placement of your plants, use a shovel to dig around the tank so you can plant the aquarium plants in place. Do not forget to wear a pair of working gloves to protect your hands while doing this task.

Step 4 - Place Pebbles around the Plant

To hold the plant firmly in place, especially when you add water in the tank, surround the plants with pebbles to hold them down. You can use white or decorative pebbles to add character to your entire tank.

Step 5- Place the Ornamental Bases to Add More Detail in the Tank

After the plants have been firmly planted in the tank, add the ornamental bases such as a drift wood or coral to make the tank look almost like the real thing. However, do not overdo the design. Otherwise, the tank will end up overly decorated. As soon as you are happy with the placement of your artificial aquarium plants, put in water carefully so that the plants will not dislodge from the substrate. Add the fish once you are done.