Decorating Your Walls With Fabric Step-By-Step

Fabric walls can add a whole new look to your walls without painting or hanging wallpaper that is hard to remove. You can remove the fabric just as easily as you apply it to you walls. To get started, follow this simple step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Wash the walls where you intend to put the fabric. The walls needs to be clean and free from dirt and cobwebs just as if you were painting or wallpapering.

Step 2: Get the measurements of the walls. Start from the floor and measure all the walls to the top of the ceiling and then from side to side. Make sure that you add just a few inches to your measurement.

Step 3: Have the fabric cut in a fabric store or a hardware store to make sure that it comes out straight and that if you have patterned fabric, that it all lines up correctly.

Step 4: In a large pan, pour the starch needed to apply the fabric. Then use a large paint roller to put it on the walls evenly. If you prefer, you can also use a spray bottle or spray can to apply the starch to the walls. 

Step 5: Place the fabric on the wall carefully. Smooth out the ridges and air bubbles so it looks neat. You can use a clean, dry paint roller to smooth out the fabric if needed. This roller will ensure that there are no air bubbles lurking in the fabric.

Step 6: Using your brush apply the starch on the fabric. Work your way from top to bottom and make sure that you leave a couple of inches of fabric on both the top and the bottom.

Step 7: Apply the next piece of fabric on the other wall. If the fabric has a pattern make sure that you match it from one wall to the next. It is best to have the separate sheets of fabric overlapping one another just like with wallpaper. This will help you accurately align the edges.

Step 8: Let the fabric dry for at least a day before trimming any of the edges. The fabric can shrink while it is drying, that is why is it essential that you leave extra fabric. Once it is completely dry, it is safe to make all the necessary trims and cuts.

When you are ready to remove the fabric, all you need to do is lift it at one edge and peel it up, working your way around the room.