Decorating Your Walls with Vinyl Wall Lettering

Vinyl wall lettering provides an opportunity to decorate a room without having to paint or wallpaper the walls. They can add character to a dull wall space. They are easy to apply and remove and are an affordable decorative addition to any wall space.

Choosing the Wall Space

Decide which room and which wall you want to decorate with the vinyl lettering. Plan out and measure the space where you want to place the letters. 

Choosing the Words

Decide on the letters, words or phrases you want to display. Consider using the words or lyrics of famous people. Choose the best font and letter size to fit your wall space and room décor. 

Choosing the Lettering.

Visit local home improvement, decorating and craft stores to find different lettering ideas. Compare the prices of the letters. If possible, check online stores.

Preparing the Wall Space

Wash the wall space with cleaning cloth dampened with warm, soapy water. Allow the wall enough time to dry completely. Applying the vinyl to a wet wall cause a problems because the moisture will prevent the adhesive on the backing to work properly.

Marking the Wall

Locate the center of the space where you want to apply the lettering. Locate the center of the vinyl letter, word or phrase you want to apply. Gently and carefully remove the backing from the vinyl. Use a ruler and a pencil to lightly mark a straight, level line where the letters will be placed. You can also use painters tape to mark the line.

Applying the Lettering

Lay the lettering with backing facing up on a surface. Gently and carefully remove the backing from the vinyl. Carefully apply only the edges of the vinyl to the wall, using the pencil line or painters tape line as your guide. Step back to and take a look at the space. Be sure you have the letters where you want them and that they work well in the space. If necessary, rearrange or readjust the letters to fit the design and the space. Use a glass cleaner spray to soften the adhesive so that the letters will be easier to remove. When you are certain you are happy with the lettering format, carefully press the rest of the lettering on to the wall, moving from the center outward. Gently rub out any bubbles that appear.

Application Tips

If you applying vinyl lettering over a piece of furniture, be sure you choose words or phrases that are shorter than the length of the the furniture piece. Wider letters are easier to apply than thinner ones. Be sure to apply the letters slowly and carefully so as to prevent them from sticking to each other in the application process.  If you need to do any repositioning of the letters be sure not to stretch them in the removal and reapplication.  Consider having someone with you when apply the letters. A second set of eyes can making sure the letters are placed properly.