Decorating for Baby Decorating for Baby

Provided that Mom doesn’t do any of the painting, decorating for the expected arrival of a baby can be one of the most enjoyable parts of pregnancy. Besides being necessary, getting the nursery in order is a memorable experience for any couple and a lovely way to commemorate this special time with special décor. This article offers some thematic ideas that will charm not only your guests, but Baby too!

A circus theme promises an exciting room that goes well beyond the expected baby blues and pinks. All kinds of circus props are available for décor, and the bright colors are bound to be uplifting and attention-getting. The crib can easily be enhanced to resemble a circus train, and by adding props that feature typical circus animals and sights, your décor will be a snap to design. Many people find clowns a bit unsavory - these can be replaced with acrobats and more animals.

Similarly, a country fair or carnival makes for a lovely décor theme. Carousels and tent-like features can be found online or even in antique stores. Fairs mark a return to simpler living, and their peaceful nostalgia will easily make the baby’s room a favorite. Look for prints of fairs, Victorian country children, and carnival scenes to add to the room.

For a truly dramatic look, opt for an enchanting under-the-sea décor. A mermaid mural, a mobile of fish and some conch shell bookends for picture books are only a few of the touches that could comprise this aquatic nursery. Sea horse coat hooks, a nautical crib, and multiple shades of blue can transform your baby’s room into an ocean oasis.

Finally, why not give your little prince or princess a royal residence complete with a rocking chair throne, a majestic crib with ermine bumper pad, and lots of royal relics? Transforming the room into the nook of a castle is a terrific way to decorate and have fun making over typical baby items into props fit for a fairy tale castle.

Making over any room into a new baby’s nursery can be great fun when you have a theme in mind. Other themes include farm, space, tropical rain forest, jungle, Colonial and Victorian.

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