Decorative Color Ideas for Your Kitchen Cabinets Decorative Color Ideas for Your Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen cabinets take a lot of abuse from opening and closing, as well as the greasy splatters. After a while, you may just want a change. You can give your whole kitchen a lift by painting your cabinets. Here are some decorative color ideas you may want to try.

1 - Soft Pink and Brown

Paint your cabinets a very soft pink color, and paint the trim chocolate brown. Retro pink kitchen countertop accessories are available everywhere these days. The cabinets with this color scheme will give your kitchen a throwback feel of the 50's.

2 - Oatmeal and Sage Green

For a natural feel, paint your cabinets oatmeal colored and your trim sage green. It will bring a touch of additional color into a neutral room with the sage green, mimicking the colors in herbs and plants.

3 - Tan and Navy Blue

This combination works well if you want a sophisticated feel in your kitchen. Paint the cabinets tan, and all of the trim navy blue. This is a great combination for a Tuscan styled kitchen, a ocean theme.

4.  Cream and Dark Red

Cream colored cabinets with dark red trim are great for a country or American themed kitchen. The cream gives the feel of old cabinets, while the dark red adds the color that is usually splashed throughout in both of these themes.

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