Decorative Color Ideas: Honeymoon Inspired Bedroom Decorative Color Ideas: Honeymoon Inspired Bedroom

Having a honeymoon themed bedroom will keep the romance alive. You just need to figure out the honeymoon destination you want to incorporate into your bedroom and choose a decorative color theme to get started.

1 - The Tropics

To get the feel of the sand and sea, you will want to choose the colors of the tropics. Start with a wall color of turquoise or sea foam. Use sunny yellow, or mango as an accent color for accessories, such as throw pillows. Add upholstery to your furniture in greens with patterns of palm fronds or tropical flowers. On the floor, choose neutral shades that resemble sea grass or jute.

2 - A Spa Getaway

A spa themed bedroom will feel relaxing and serene. It will have beige or white walls. The colors for bedding should be kept simple, with patterns in shades of pale blue or soft brown. Add soft green throw pillows and accents. For the floor, add thick white or light blue rugs. For window treatments, simple white bamboo shades will complete the look.

3 - Moroccan Oasis

For this theme, you will get the feel of a desert oasis. Paint the walls a deep orange or red. The bedding will have coordinating colors to the walls and be adorned with gold accents. For the flooring, opt for a dark wood or dark carpeting. Furniture will be dark in color and include black fixtures. If you have upholstered pieces, cover them in tapestries of exotic plants. An addition

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