Decorative Color Ideas: Island Paradise Themed Bathroom Decorative Color Ideas: Island Paradise Themed Bathroom

Having a decorative themed bathroom gives you a place in your home to take a long, hot bath at the end of the day in an atmosphere that you enjoy. An island paradise themed bathroom will whisk you away to a tropical paradise. Here are some decorative color ideas to get you started.

1 - Blue and Beige

Most often, when we think of paradise, we think of the blue waters and beige sand. For this theme, you can have tropical blue painted walls. Add a border of sea shells on a sandy beach. For accessories, add an ocean themed shower curtain, and coordinating towels. Add sea shell themed soap dishes, soap dispenser, decorative soaps, and a blue rug set. If you happen to have some natural shells as a memento from a vacation, display them in a jar on a shelf in your bathroom to pull it all together. Add some natural loofahs and sponges to the bathtub and shower area.

2 - Gold and Yellow

The sun is the main attraction in a tropical paradise. Decorate your bathroom with a sunny yellow paint. Purchase a shower curtain that has a silhouette of a beach scene with a bright yellow sun, or a solid fabric shower curtain covered by yellow sheers to give the effect of the sea breeze blowing in.  Add gold in your soap dish and fixtures on your cabinets and vanity. A few sunny pictures hung on the wall will add to theme, as well as a few wall hangings in sun shapes. Place a hanging tropical plant in a corner. 

3 - Reds and Oranges

Think sunsets, flowers, and tropical fish for this theme. This color theme is for those who love bright color. You can paint your walls a bright red or orange. Add a border along the top or middle of your walls, or wallpaper one wall. This will be of tropical birds, like toucans, or a school of bright tropical fish. For your bathtub, add a shower curtain with a matching theme to your border or wallpaper. Use tropical fish accessories, or solid colored accessories, mixing and matching the colors. Also add a large vase of tropical flowers.

4 - Shades of Green

The lush green gardens, and palm trees are used to create a serene tropical themed bathroom. Several palm trees grouped together along a painted wall of Caribbean green paint with white trim will give you a focal point to build from. You could also opt to paint all the walls white to keep it bright, and cover one wall with wallpaper in a tropical jungle pattern. Palm tree accessories, such as the shower curtain, soap dispenser, and coordinating vases are readily available. Bamboo can be incorporated into this them for its natural qualities. A bamboo rug, or window treatment will blend nicely.

5 - Think Pink

Flamingos are definitely a tropical aspect to consider for your decor. With pink being such a strong color, offsetting it with black gives a retro tropical feel. Use different shades of pink in your accessories, adding black baskets for holding folded towels and plants. A vivid flamingo shower curtain with black in it will set the theme for the room. Add fluffy pink rugs to the floor. Add some flamingo pictures to the walls to complete the decor.

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