Decorative Color Ideas: Mediterainan Colors Decorative Color Ideas: Mediterainan Colors

Mediterranean colors are inspired by the landscape and the sea. You can bring these colors into your home as a primary color for a wall, in furniture or window treatments, or add soft accents to your room. Here are some popular Mediterranean colors to help you decide.

Poppy Reds

The reds in the a poppy flower vary from deep Burgundy, to orange-red. All shades of red work in a Mediterranean room.

Sea Blue

Blues that work in a Mediterranean room are navy blue, turquoise, and pale sky blue. Think of the sea and sky, and the different hues of blue you find.

Shades of Green

With all of the lush landscaping in the Mediterranean, you can use any color of green. From the deepest greens of the forest, to the lightest greens of the grass, they will all work in your Mediterranean room.

Neutral Options

If you prefer a more subtle base color, you have a few choices. White, of course, will work, but you can also use a sand beige, terra cotta, clay brown, wheat or soft copper.


Deep purples, especially the color of ripe grapes and wines, are very Mediterranean. These colors work especially well in kitchens and living rooms.

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