Decorative Color Ideas: Painting for Resale Decorative Color Ideas: Painting for Resale

Painting both the exterior and interior of your house in a decorative color can make a big difference if you are doing it with resale in mind. It is always a good idea to spruce up your home in preparation for selling it. First impressions are extremely important when showing a home to potential buyers. Things like landscaping, a general state of tidiness and a new paint job can yield huge benefits in terms of putting the home’s best foot forward, so to speak. New paint can have a tremendous impact both indoors and and outdoors. After time, interior walls and exterior siding start to show their age, and painting can help to freshen them up. 

Decorating for Resale

A properly staged home has a better chance of selling than one in disrepair or shoddily furnished. Staging gives potential buyers an indication of what a home can look like. There is an undeniable charm about touring a home with lovely furnished rooms, clean throughout with a fresh coat of paint covering the walls. Painting is, in fact, one of the easiest and most beneficial things you can do for your home you plan to sell. It’s fine to simply cover up the walls with a fresh coat of the same color, but redecorating with color is another option. Appearances are a big part of resale. Decorating with vibrant and stylish colors gives each room its own unique character. Not only that, but it shows potential buyers that you have well cared for your home. While a buyer will have questions about the functional aspects of a home, the little things like decorative colors are what really sell a home. 

Decorative Color Ideas

The colors you can choose from are virtually endless, but they should always accord with not only your personal sense of style but with the decor of the home as well. In addition, you should not choose garish colors. Pick vibrant, stylish colors that are unoffensive to the sensibilities. Stay away from primary colors, opting instead for subtle blends. Some examples include olive green, mustard yellow and maroon. It is best to choose colors on the lighter side of the spectrum so rooms do not appear cramped. When in doubt, add a little white to the mix to lighten up the color. After you sell the home, the new owners will do what they want. Your task is to entice them with the possibilities. Pick colors that are timeless rather than trendy. While the trendy colors will attract some people, a wider range of buyers will identify with colors that are time tested. 

The furniture, rugs and curtains used to stage the home for buyers should all accord nicely with the interior paint. You are creating a decorative showroom to attract would-be buyers, so you should put some thought into the color scheme of each individual room. Painting for resale will be a recommendation of a real estate agent. Why not anticipate their suggestions and redecorate before the staging begins. 

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