Decorative Color Ideas: Using Shades of Gray Decorative Color Ideas: Using Shades of Gray

When choosing decorative color for your home, it is often easy to forget about the color gray. If you are looking for a calm, quiet color for your interior walls or furniture, you may want to consider gray. In fact, if you are using bright accent colors, gray walls can provide a unique balance in your room.

Gray Adds Depth

The color gray can add depth to any space. This color signifies stability, neutrality and dignity. If your room has a lot of windows, gray can complement the natural light by adding a sophisticated tone. It also works very well with rooms decorated in the styles of shabby chic, midcentury modern, cottage and French country.

Using Gray in Your Room

Grey is a calming, relaxing decorative color if used properly. If you are interested in using gray on your walls, it is first important to consider the shade. Light grays work well in rooms that have natural light and rosy grays work better in darker rooms. When using gray, feel free to accent the color with bright colors and patterns on your accessories and furniture. This can add life to the decorative color and provide a balance throughout the room.

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