Decorative Cornice Boards Decorative Cornice Boards

A decorative cornice board can add elegance to a window, and give your draperies a professional look. You do have choices in design and materials. Kits are available for you to put together at a home improvement store, or, if you enjoy crafts, you can make your own. The two most common materials used to make cornice boards are wood and fabric.

Wood Cornice Boards

Cornice boards made of wood last for years with little upkeep other than cleaning. The wood can be stained with a varnish that matches your furniture, or painted to match the color scheme of your room. You also have the option of adding decorative wood cutouts to the cornice with wood glue for an accent. Wood cornice boards can be used in any room.

Fabric Cornice Boards

Fabric cornice boards add to the decor of the room. You can cover a wood cornice that you just want to change, or they can be made of foam board. Upholstery fabrics are commonly used to match or accent fabrics existing fabrics in the room. They can accent bedroom comforters, a living room sofa, or dining room chair seat covers. They do require occasional dusting to keep them looking fresh.



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