Decorative Crown Corner Molding Blocks Decorative Crown Corner Molding Blocks

A nice way to "spruce up" rooms in your home is using crown corner molding. These are decorative corner pieces that fit into your existing molding, and trim around the ceiling of your home. They tend to look very regal, and once installed they will bring a visual improvement to any room.

Types of Crown Molding

There are many types of patterns and designs of crown corner molding that can be installed. There are some carved with leaves or fruits while others are extremely rare and hand carved. You can hold them up and look at them from a low angle to get an idea of what they will look like installed. You will want one of these for every corner of a room that is being remodeled.

Basic Installation

To install these new crown corner molding pieces, simply take a measurement on your existing trim and mark out the areas you would have to remove from the original trim. Some of these will fit right over your existing trim and don't involve cutting anything. On manual installed ones, simply cut out a space in your existing trim for the new corner piece. Fit them into place and secure them with carpenter nails that you will counter sink and putty the holes. Sand off any excess putty and then paint them the color of your existing trim.

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